“In a world full of game players, the only way to set yourself apart is to be a game changer.”          ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Whether the assignment is for a week, a month, or a year, temporary employees should strive to be hard-working, valuable members of the team. Not only will the placement be more enjoyable for them, but temps who stand out for the right reasons are also investing in their employment future. Building a solid reputation is sure to lead to future temp assignments or even a direct-hire position. It will be a win on both sides of the employment table.

From day one, temps should—

Dress for the job

“Appropriate dress” means something different in the warehouse office than it does in the medical practice office. Dressing up or dressing down will draw the kind of attention no one hopes to garner. So, take the initiative to have a dress code discussion before the first day on the job.

Speak up

Seeking to fade into the background or “hanging back” should not be on the temporary worker’s agenda. Not on day one, not on day one hundred. Speak up, step up, ask questions, get into the game. Questions about the position or the company are appropriate but move questions about the assignment length and the availability of a more direct-hire position to the back burner. Skip altogether queries about leaving early, having next Thursday off, or an extended lunch hour. Such questions will peg you as less-than-committed and bothersome.

Bring a positive attitude

It’s true—no one like a negative Nellie or Nathan. Strive to be upbeat, to have a cup-half-full attitude. Don’t allow first day/week bumps in the road to sour your disposition. Don’t stoop to oozing crankiness, spewing insults, or complaining. But do take legitimate concerns to a supervisor, in private, for a calm, mature discussion.

Be adaptable

Adapting to new environments, “getting with the program” quickly is critical for temps. Very often, the scenarios they are placed in require fast acclimation to the technologies, procedures, and people in the job environment. A temp who possesses a calm and steady demeanor is a plus, plus.

Be a self-starter

The nature of many temp positions requires the ability to hit the ground running. A “let’s get to it” approach will make an employee stand out over a “wallflower” style. Both the initiative and the lack thereof will gain attention. But only the former will garner the kind of interest that will translate into a successful tenure and the potential for future assignments with this employer.

Display enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious. So is apathy. Both can have a dramatic impact on the workplace environment. A perky, “let’s get the job done” temp can contribute to company morale; likewise, a gloomy, “ho hum, ho hum” guy/gal. The first will bring a bright warmth while the latter will cast a negative pallor. So, bring along a healthy dose of enthusiasm and share the good vibes.

Be reliable

Show up on time – for every scheduled shift. Complete assigned tasks- by the deadline. Follow directions. Be in the right place – at the right time. Demonstrate follow through. Be a man/woman of your word.

Exhibit a willingness to be trained

An I can’t, or I-won’t-learn-new-things stance has no place in the world of temporary employment. Nor does an attitude—about any aspect of the temporary situation—that uses the excuse, but I won’t be here that long . . . ” That’s a given. Be teachable, eager to add to your skill set and to be a valuable member of the team.

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