Now that we’ve established the “when” —365 days a year—let’s tackle the “how” of showing appreciation. The trend seems to be moving away from both the traditional gift, a card, or cash bonus, as well as the classic plaques, pen sets, paperweights, etc. Why? Boredom for one with a recognizable lack of thought and effort toward the expression of appreciation for another reason.

Consider how these thoughtful, more personal tokens of appreciation will be more meaningful to your deserving employees.

1. Remember work anniversaries

Katie Sawyer notes, “According to a study in the Harvard Business Review, employees usually quit after working with a company for a year. Show your appreciation to the employees who have decided to remain with your company. Acknowledge the fact they have stayed and mention how their work has impacted your business.”

Remember, feeling appreciated plays a vital role in the decision to stick with a job over moving on.

2. Utilize social media to shout out appreciation

One of the best ways to recognize employees is to acknowledge them publicly, and what better platform than the company Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram account. Not only will the employee feel valued, but followers will also notice the value you place on your team.

3. Make appreciation “call-outs” the norm

Utilize any, and all avenues and occasions for expressing appreciation.

  • Weekly emails noting team and individual achievements
  • The company newsletter
  • Quarterly awards for department successes

The possibilities are virtually endless. Consider what means and formats best fit your company and establish a pattern for calling out appreciation.

4. Make employees part of the decision-making process

Medhi suggests, “Talking about making employees feel valued, a great way to do so is by involving them in the decision-making process, wherever possible. For instance, take their opinion during decisions like on-boarding new technology or a certain project. It will make them feel a part of your business, and not just a mere employee.”

5. Collect appreciation ideas

Let the management team, department heads, and HR get in on the creative side of showing appreciation. Collect their suggestions or hold a brainstorming session. Encourage out-of-the-box thinking and be sure to share the credit for the awesome ideas they produce.

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