In keeping with our mission of helping others do better, we have added an Executive and Skilled Search Division.

Lead by Gregory Weiss, we offer executive search done the way it should be; driven by research and discretion and dictated by the needs of our clients.

Greg provides executive search advisory to a select group of domestic and international firms, and maintains one of the few practices nationally, devoted exclusively to the logistics and supply chain sectors. Because of this narrow focus and significant expertise, we have developed, over many years, deep and longstanding relationships with senior management at virtually every firm within our industry.

I recognize that executive search in this realm is unique and very much candidate driven. This understanding informs all of our relationships and dictates our core values; integrity, discretion, and advocacy.

Job boards have their place, but at this level, do you want to interview a candidate who is advertising that he or she is unhappy with their job, meaning perhaps that their firm is unhappy with them, or would you rather speak with someone at the top of their game, appreciated by their company, who wants to be convinced that an even greater opportunity exists at your firm?

Logistics and operations grow increasingly complex, but at the heart of every search we perform are simple requirements: diligent research, a thorough  understanding of the process of search, and complete accountability and transparency to all parties. This ethic, coupled with our absolute insistence to always tell both candidates and clients what they need to hear, rather than what they want to hear, has made us the voice that candidates and clients trust as their best source of objective and sound advice.

Please call Gregory Weiss to discuss your situation in confidence. Telephone 631-612-7574

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