As our company mission has always been to help others, I always enjoy hearing feedback on how we are doing from our Clients and Candidates. Their feedback assures me that as a company, we are doing good things and producing great results.

Over the years, I’ve heard from candidates that were able to buy a home or car because we gave them a chance to launch their careers. In some cases, we have helped people restart their careers and lives after taking a wrong turn or getting stuck in a dead-end job. I’ve even been told that Action Staffing gave them the confidence to really excel in their work and advance themselves. Sometimes it’s just a simple handshake and thanks when I visit with people in front of our offices or the lobby.

Our Associates are so excited to share their success stories and tell me to keep up the great work we are doing. That recognition drives all of us at Action to strive further and help more people and in more locations. This month we are sharing some of the feedback we have received to show you the positive effects of our mission and purpose for being. We call it: “The Real Action Story.”

I hope you enjoy it and better yet, I hope we get to help you too and maybe, you will soon have a good story to share. Whether you are a valued client or candidate, as Uncle Sam used to say when recruiting people to enlist in the Armed Forces: We want you!!!

Mark H. Weiss

P.S. We are honored to share these testimonials:

  • “I’ve been working for Action since 2015 and haven’t missed a day. It’s a great company with great people to work with.”  –  M.M
  • “Action is a great company to work for. I started my first job ever with them 2 years ago; now I work directly for the company where I was placed.”  –  S.C.
  • “I couldn’t find a job anywhere and was seeking employment. I tried Action Staffing – They signed me up and put me right to work.  I’m still at the same company for 5 years now.” – L.W.
  • “I signed up with Action back in 2012 and had a few personal issues. I came back 7 years later, however, and Action took me back with open arms. Next week I’ll be working directly for one of their clients. If it wasn’t for Action, I’m not sure where I would be.” – D.W.
  • “Action Staffing sent me on an assignment in early 2018. That was the best thing that could have happened to me. I just got hired June of this year from that assignment. I’m able now to provide for my family. Thank you, Action Staffing.” – D.J.