“This past Sunday, I volunteered to work with Action Staffing Group (ASG) at a client company’s event to hand out food and drinks to over 200 of their employees.  Their client was holding an annual summer appreciation picnic and had invited its vendors to join in on the festivities.  These workers from ASG work at a leading food company in Newark, NJ.   These great people spend 40 hours or more each week working in the warehouse, which is temperature-controlled.  Some spend their time in the refrigerated section, and the others work in the freezer.  On this day everyone was outside for the event.  It was nice to see everyone remove their hats, jackets, and gloves and enjoy being together.

I spoke to Lonny, an ASG worker who enthusiastically stayed around the food tent smiling and chatting with other workers and the ASG team.  Lonny was named the employee of the month recently, and he was extremely proud of this honor.  For a long time, he was not given a fair opportunity by other companies.  But ASG gave him the chance he was looking for.  He spoke about what it meant to him to have the opportunity to work hard and earn a decent living.  He was so thankful that ASG was able to see the good in him, and for that, he has taken full advantage of the opportunity by doing a fabulous job with their client in Newark. In fact, things have gone so well; the client intends to hire him directly with full benefits. For Lonny, a true dream come true!”

ASG is contributing to the local New Jersey economy and strengthening the lives of people in urban areas who don’t want a handout but rather an opportunity to step up.  As a staffing and recruiting business that specializes in Light Industrial, CDL Drivers, and Skilled Search, Action is busy supporting New Jersey’s growing warehouse, logistics, and transportation infrastructure.  Working regionally and nationally, Action Staffing is helping many people like Lonny move up in their lives.

That, in fact, is Action’s mission and purpose in everything they do. Action Staffing Group is proud to offer “second chance” employment opportunities. We look forward to assisting men and women who have yet been able to secure gainful employment to better themselves and provide for the needs of their family. Give our team a call today.