We’re all on board with the critical role temps play in maintaining optimal staffing levels across every department. As seasonal, short-term, or temporary placements, they each make a crucial contribution toward the goal that spans across every industry: maximum productivity accompanied by excellent customer service.

Success on both sides of the employment table hinges on how well these essential employees integrate into the company structure. Making them “a part of the team” involves a group effort, including everyone from the top of the leadership ladder to the bottom rungs.

  1. Throw Out the “Welcome” Mat

Pull out all the stops on friendliness, warmth, hospitality, and genuine demonstrations of “we’re happy to have you on board.” Utilize as company ambassadors those blessed with the sunny disposition that naturally makes folks feel welcome. Just as you would for permanent employees, provide a tour of the facility, a review of policies and procedures, and info regarding parking, pay periods, and all things pertinent to your organization.

  1. Introduce the Team

Introduce even the shortest-term employees to everyone. Avoid labeled distinctions, such as “This is Sue, the new temp guy/gal,” and squash the awkwardness that can develop between temporary and permanent employees.   After all, you would never say, “This is Bob who could have retired last year but chose to keep working.” Regardless of the expected term of employment, encourage coworkers to get to know one another.

3. Assign A Mentor to Temp Workers

Of course, you value their contribution, that’s why you employed them. And nothing demonstrates this more clearly than assigning a specific “go-to” person equipped to address questions and concerns and lend support to your temporary staff. Any efforts to help them acclimate to the company and their position sends a dual message: we value your contribution, and we want you to be successful.

  1. Then Treat Them Like Family

You welcomed them with fanfare. Now it’s time to treat your temp staff like “family.” Temps want to fit in, to be treated like regular employees, to a part of the team. Do not exclude them from training opportunities, staff meetings, or company communication. Consider their ideas and feedback. Treat all employees with the same level of consideration and respect.

  1. Be the Ultimate Example

Resist any approach to management that grows from a “they won’t be here for long” mentality. Weed out the conscious or unconscious attitudes that suggest temporary workers are somehow less skilled, needed, or valuable to the company. Put an end to outward expressions that spring from the inward notion that temps are a lesser part of the team. And get to the root of such damaging perceptions by meeting one-on-one with employees prone to this way of thinking.

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