Here’s how to make a remarkable impression on the first day of your new assignment.

  • Avoid the frantic dash – leave early

Allow enough time for getting ready and commuting – rather than arriving all flustered. Ensure that you are at your assigned spot and ready to work when your shift begins.

  • Extend your hand in introduction

Reach out to your new coworkers on the job, in the cafeteria, at the front desk . . . You get the idea. Be the friendly guy/gal, geared up to meet and be part of the team.

  • Make the day about others, rather than self

“To start gaining the respect of colleagues and superiors on the first day, make it about them, not about you,” says Jason Sackett, an executive coach and author of Compassion@Work: Creating Workplaces that Engage the Human Spirit.

  • Listen for cues

“All organizations have their way of talking, and if you can catch some of the lingo and patterns early, you’ll sound like you belong faster,” explains Colin T. McLetchie, HR pro and president of Five Ways Forward. “Ask when you don’t know a term or acronym (every organization has its alphabet soup) and make a list of those. If they don’t have a list for you, create one and share it with HR and new people when they join.”

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