At Action Staffing Group – We only work with people legally living in our country. You should never be worried about who is working in your facility.

We know you can’t skip any steps when it comes to staffing. Period.

While some staffing companies have chosen to take what appears to be a less complicated approach such as working with illegal aliens, issuing 1099s instead of W-2s, Action Staffing Group’s CEO Mark Weiss warns against these potentially dangerous practices. It’s quite simple. Crossing the line here can get you and your staffing partner in lots of trouble with the Federal government.

Taking illegal shortcuts increases risk of business disruption, bad headlines threatening your reputation and expensive fines.

You must work the details starting with working with people legally able to work in this country. Next, temporary workers are not independent contractors; therefore, their earnings cannot be reported on a 1099. Payroll taxes have to be paid, by them and you through a legitimate mark up over payroll cost paid to your staffing partner.

Sure, this costs money, but it’s the law!

Weiss admits that while “staffing done right” could cost more initially, it is a far superior route to pursue. Nothing short of full compliance with ICE, Homeland Security, and the IRS should be considered an acceptable procedure. And that is precisely what Action Staffing Group offers to each of our clients.

Here is the Action approach:

  1. A complete “by the books” approach to hiring.
  2. A thorough check of each applicant’s social security number with federal authorities.
  3. Utilization of the E-Verify system to confirm eligibility for employment.
  4. Confirmation that every prospective employees’ forms of identification are legal.
  5. Training of our staff in every aspect of legal compliance. They recognize discrepancies.
  6. Payroll – the right way – issuing W-2’s, not 1099’s for our employees.

Mark and his team have a combined experience of over 25 years in the staffing industry. Over 25 years of doing staffing the right way. You can trust them with all your employment concerns, with complete assurance that they will handle every situation in the most professional manner possible.