By now, everyone knows that “culture in the workplace” is so much more than a soon-to-be-gone trend. And that’s why those in the know pour time, energy, and money into creating a culture that melds a group of talented, happy, engaged employees into a hard-working, productive workforce who takes pride in being part of the team and is committed to the company’s goals.

The thinking that “fun” can contribute to a productive workplace culture has the question, “How much fun are you having at work?” foremost in many an employer’s mind. And why not? The notion that fun and hard work are compatible makes sense when you think about it. Fun creates an engaged, energized atmosphere that sparks creativity and fuels momentum. Hmm, the very attributes needed to spur productivity.

Our brains need passion, play, and release at work. They’re essential to keeping us emotionally connected and engaged, to feel part of the tribe, to blow off steam and to create experiences,”  reminds Christine Comaford.

These practical strategies will add to the fun in your workplace culture.

  1. An attractive workspace

If the décor is drab, dreary, and uninviting, do not expect the descriptor “fun” to be used in conjunction with your culture. Brainstorm the type of interior design—wall coverings, window treatments, accessories—that goes with your brand. Keep in mind your goals, mission, and purpose. Gather feedback and make the workplace environment a teamwork project.

Also, encourage the personalization of individual workspace with family and pet photos, plants, and favorite colors. And don’t underestimate the power of scent. A subtle, pleasing aroma wafting through the building can conjure up pleasant memories and associations.

  1. Celebrate everything

 Who doesn’t love a celebration? For starters, a birthday bash during the afternoon break the first Monday of each month. A work anniversary-commemoration lunch the middle Wednesday of each month. And an end-of-day-hurrah on the last workday of each month to hail the accomplishments of the past four to five weeks.

Observing personal milestones builds relationships and affirms the importance of each individual’s contribution to the company. Celebrating the team accomplishments spurs everyone on toward the next goal, project, award. Even if the month’s achievement consisted solely of everyone staying on task and bringing their A-game every day, make a huge deal about that. Because THAT’s what it’s all about.

  1. Get out of the office together

Sponsor and work a community event as a team. Sign-up for the city-wide softball tournament. Fill the cheer block at the home team’s Friday night game. Load up the family for an afternoon at the local bowling alley. Casual gatherings outside the office create the perfect atmosphere for fun, unity building, and memory-making.

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